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A challenging yet relaxing color sorting puzzle game! Mix the fluids! Try to sort all levels of this liquid sort puzzle Game and move the colored water in the glasses until all colors are in the same glass. Fill the cup with water of the same color.

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Drop & Merge is a SUPER addictive number merge puzzle. Show us how good you are among other puzzlers! How far can you go? Let's merge numbers!

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The evil bees have come out to sting him! The only way to save your pet is to draw a line to stop those bees You need to use your brain to rescue the little pet!

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Clickermon is an adventure clicker game. Embark on this incredible adventure, battle, improve and explore the fantastic world of creatures. Clickermon is a big highlight because it's not just an ordinary clicker, in this game you'll be able to explore worlds and battle monsters!

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We’re the world’s leading platform for creating and publishing mobile games. Game developers from around the world use our technologies to power their creativity.

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It’s no secret our games are loved and played by millions of people. We’re creating meaningful experiences among people all over the world. As you are reading this, more than 10 million people are getting ready to play one of our games.

Our routine

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English Thursdays

On Thursdays, all our communication, whether off-topic or work-related, is conducted in English.

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Book club

Every quarter, we gather to discuss the books read by the team.

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Game night

We meet virtually, every 2nd Friday of the month, to play and have fun!

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Happy hour

At the end of each month, we step out for a relaxed get-together, enjoy a tasty treat and have a good time.

Our values


Desde ações no dia-a-dia a como podemos deixar nossa marca no mundo.


Questione o status quo, e tenha audácia para sonhar. Se alguém irá transcender a norma, somos nós.


Testar rápido, abrir mão da excelência, mas nunca se expor ao risco da ruína.


Somos mais fortes quando investimos um nos outros e conquistamos o sucesso como um time.


Escalar nosso negócio é nosso modelo de negócio.

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Our story is fueled by creativity. That’s why we put creative people at the heart of everything we do. Game making is an enjoyment that is shared endlessly, and with the world.

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